How to Improve your Posture

Every one of us wish to get that desirable height at which we can comfortably consider ourselves tall. Unfortunately, it is only after the age of 18 – we realize that we won’t grow tall anymore and have to live with this height for the rest of our lifetime. It’s quite obvious that every guy or girl can’t obtain that height. However, this is not the end of the road for us. While there are exercises to grow tall , you can do some quick exercises to improve your posture which will give you the appearance of looking tall.

Several researches into the subject matter have indicated that proper posture can definitely help you look taller and in shape. When a person looks tall, his level of confidence and self-esteem is increased too. There are certain exercises that could immensely help you improving your posture to look decent and in shape.

Some Steps to Improve Your Posture to Look Taller

  • Hip Stretch: We often have to work sitting on a chair for long period of time. It adversely affects our ability to grow as the muscles inside us get contracted. In order to ease these muscles Hip Stretch is a good exercise. The process to do it is very simple. At first you have to keep both hands on the wall of your house and press against the same. Now, bow down on one knee stay in the same position for a minute or two. Repeat the steps for both right and left side.


  • Downward Dog: It is the one exercise that will definitely assist you to increase your height. If you do this exercise every day, then you will be able to stretch your muscles at leg, feet and hands. You have to sit like a cat. Then you have to convert your posture to V shape upside down. Let your shoulder blades reach towards your ears. Stay in this posture for few minutes.

downward_dog (1)

  • Arm Exercise: Take a chair. And you should sit on it and position yourself in such a manner that your knees turned 90-degrees rotation. Now, rotate your arms in a position where you can feel something in your mid-back. Hold it for 2-3 minutes and your exercise is complete. You can do this exercise on daily basis.
  • Sit Straight – In this era of computer and laptops, we often have to sit for a long stretch of time in office and home. In fact, due to one reason or another we actually fail to sit in correct posture. Eventually, this lets our spinal cord to contract a bit. This adversely affects our outlook and bone – health. Hence, always remember to sit straight as and whenever you sit on a chair.


So, it’s definitely not an issue if you haven’t attained the tallness that you wished to in the past, but you can definitely look little taller by improving your posture as mentioned above.  Always remember that by maintaining proper posture you are also keeping your bones intact and fit.


7 Tips to Study Better for Exams

1.Manage Your Time Efficiently

We should learn how to manage time in order to achieve something in our education. First we should make a weekly schedule and try to devote a certain amount of time every day to it. It will be helpful in improving the grades or performance. The amount of time devoted to study may vary depending on standard whether it is high school or college. It may also vary by field of study. Make sure you have made a realistic schedule and that can be achieved. Make schedule for everything whether it is for eating, dressing, playing and chatting with friends and family members.

To get maximum output out of your schedule you need to learn time management and make balance between school and extra-curricular activities. Always keep in mind that education is most important and it cannot be ignored. Prioritize your time and try to get rid of everything that waste your time.


2. Focus on what you study

Mind is like a jet plane; various thoughts come to it and all of a sudden wash away. Write down everything what you think about your study and where do you see yourself in the coming months. Analyse your thoughts and take a right decision. Analyzing your thoughts will help you clear your mind and boost your confidence.studies

3. Say No to Electronic Devices

Electronic devices can distract you while studying. Most of the students use social media and are in a bad habit of sending and receiving irrelevant text messages. Thus they waste lots of time in doing so. When you study keep you mobile phone in silent mode. Take only such calls which are very important to you. Thus you would be able to save a time which is very precious to you.


4. Make Your Space

Find a good space for your study. You would feel comfortable at that space. It will help you concentrate and your study becomes more enjoyable. But you need to make sure that the place where you study should be free from all kinds of distractions.

While choosing such a comfortable space you need to keep one thing in your mind that you do not choose a place so comfortable that you risk falling asleep. Beware you want a comfortable space for study, not to fall asleep.


5. Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Always eat good food when you study. Avoid food filled with sugar and fat. Energy boosting food is highly recommended for you at this age. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are very good for your growing body and mind. Further they would energize you. Drink plenty of water, it would keep you hydrated. You can also drink a tea, it can refresh you.

Avoid noodles, chips and candy. Stay away from energy drinks or other soft or cold drinks, they can be very harmful to your body.


6. Highlight the Important Information

You can use a highlighter to highlight the important points while study. Thus you can spot them more easily when you review the material. While highlighting some important points some children highlight a major part of the reading material. Always keep in mind that you need not to highlight everything you read. Instead, highlight the most important phrases or words.

Its equally important to buy course material that is efficient. There are so many books in market that have just the important information available in a concise manner. These books are very effective during exams days so that you dont have to go through a lot of information. You can find a lot of books for CBSE and ICSE online


7. Beat your Stress

Students feel stressed when an exam is approaching. You need to study for tests in a smarter way. Thus, you will save time and be prepared to beat your examinations. Always be positive about your preparation. When you remain positive things go in the positive directions and you start focusing on the strategy which you have prepared to beat the examinations. If you remain negative in your thoughts then it would be very hard for you to focus on the strategy designed by you to go through the examinations. Staying positive is the only way through which you could beat your stress throughout your life.